Traffic accidents

  • Legal analysis and comprehensive legal advice on traffic accidents
  • Cooperation with expert witnesses
  • Claims for damages, injuries
  • Non-pecuniary damages
  • Defense of clients criminal or administrative proceedings, representation of injured party or party that sustained property damage in traffic accident

Insurance claims

  • Legal analysis and comprehensive legal advice on insurance claims
  • Analysis of insurance claims and filing an insurance claims
  • Review of insurance company decisions on insurance claims
  • Claims for damages
  • Representing clients against insurance companies in out-of-court negotiations and in court proceedings

Medical law

  • Representation of healthcare providers in proceedings for the compensation of damages caused by healthcare
  • Legal aid to healthcare providers in setting up and running private ambulances

Real estate law

  • Drafting and assessment of contracts (purchase contracts, deed of gift, exchange of real property, rent/lease, liens, establishment of an easement, etc.)
  • Authorization of real estate transfer contracts (without the need to notarize document by notary public)
  • Shared ownership, including cancellation and settlement of shared ownership
  • Undivided co-ownership of spouses including settlement of co-ownership after divorce
  • Proceedings held before the land register
  • Lien
  • Easements
  • Lease and sublease of real property
  • Defect claims in construction and other defect claims associated with real estates
  • Construction law
  • Representing clients in court proceedings and proceedings held before administrative authorities

Enforcement of judgement of a court

  • Legal analysis and comprehensive legal advice in the area of enforcement of judgment of a court
  • Representation of creditor in enforcement proceedings
  • Representation of debtor in enforcement proceedings
  • Drafting and filing requests, appeals, remedies, petitions for termination of enforcement proceeding, applications for suspension of enforcement proceeding, requests for partial payments, requests for exclusion of property from enforcement proceeding, etc.

Constitutional law

  • Legal analysis and comprehensive legal advice on constitutional law
  • Constitutional complaints for violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms
  • Representation of clients in proceedings held before the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic