Attorneys’ fees

Attorneys’ fees  are governed by an implementing decree of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic No. 655/2004 Coll. on attorneys’ fees and compensation for the provision of legal services (thereinafter „Decree“).

In our offices we always determine fees individually with our clients, while fees depend on the complexity of the legal issue and the quantity of needed legal actions. Attorneys’ fee can be therefore determined by agreement between the lawyer and his client as a contract fee or as a tariff fee under the Decree.

In addition to the fee, attorney is entitled to reimbursement of expenses efficiently spent in connection with provided legal services, in particular, court fees and other fees, travel expenses and telecommunications expenses, expenses for expert fees, translator fees, expenses for copies of documents and reimbursement for loss of time.

Tariff fee  is determined according to the tariff value of the subject of the proceeding or type of the subject of the proceeding, or type of claimed right and quantity of taken legal actions.

Contract fee can be agreed upon as:

Hourly rate fee

determined by number of hours efficiently spent providing legal services.

Flat fee

as a fee for providing legal services in certain time period or indefinite period of time, or as a fee for completing legal task or set of legal tasks.

Percentage fee

determined as a percentage of the value of the subject which is matter of the proceeding. Maximum fee cannot be higher than 20 % of the value of the particular subject.

Negotiated tariff fee 

tariff fee can be also agreed upon and negotiated with the client at different rate than the rate regulated by the Decree.